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On August 31, 2021, the DAAD Information Center Taipei, in cooperation with the German Institute Taipei and the Taiwanese Ministry of Research (MoST), is organizing a Falling Walls Lab in Taiwan.

Falling Walls Labs are popular science slams that are held worldwide for students, young professionals, entrepreneurs, and (young) scientists to present their innovation ideas and research projects in 3-minute lectures. Last year for the first time a Falling walls lab was organized in Taiwan. This year’s event will be welcomed by Dr. Jörg Polster, the new Director General of the German Institute Taipei. A jury headed by Dr. Minn-Tsong Lin, the Deputy Minister of Science and Technology, will select the winner.

The winner of the Falling Walls Lab Taipei will represent Taiwan in the global finals in November and will be given the opportunity to attend the Falling Walls Conference, which takes place annually in November to mark the fall of the Berlin Wall. The travel expenses for participating in the finals will be borne by the DAAD. There is also the opportunity to join the Innovation Week organized by the DAAD and renowned German universities of the TU9 association. The TU Darmstadt is also inviting the Taiwanese winner to a visit. The winners of the final will give a speech on the stage of the Falling Walls conference and receive prize money.

The 2021 Falling Walls Lab Taipei will be held at the German Institute Taipei (Taipei 101 Tower, 33rd Floor). Due to epidemic prevention measures and limited space, only requested guests and journalists can attend the event. Please contact Ms. Mollien Tao ( to register in advance. The event will also be made available to a wider audience via a Facebook stream. You can get an impression of last year’s event on the DAAD Taiwan YouTube channel.

Date: August 31, 2021, 14:00

Venue: German Institute Taipei (101 Tower, 33rd Floor)

Participation at the event is free

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